Essential Business Website Icons

I have been developing small business websites for so many years and I have followed with, with great interest, how most business owners fail to recognise the power of business website icons to encourage a visitor to their site to take action. In this article, I highlight, from my point of view, five calls-to-action that all business websites should always represent with icons. They are in no particular order.

Order Now

I do not think it is quite enough to have a text link at the bottom of a product or service description, asking the buyer to order. The call to order should be represented by an icon that draws he attention of the visitor to buy. If one is using PayPal to receive payments, they have made the process of creating order buttons a breeze.


If you have not heard of list building in internet marketing, then maybe you have not been on this planet. The whole idea is to have contact details of site visitors (customers or not) to be able to send them information such as special offers, new products, company news and more. By so doing, customers become repeat customers and prospects become customers. An effective way to get visitors to give their details is to invite them to subscribe to the newsletter by the use of a business website icon that says Join Now, or something along those lines.

Download Now

In order to increase the chances of a site visitor leaving their contact email address for future alerts, it is now very common practice to offer some incentive such as the download of a free eBook or online course. Here again, I cannot emphasise enough the effectiveness of using an icon, preferably below the image of whatever is being offered as a download, to call the site visitor’s attention to this incentive.

Add to Cart

The Order icon works well with business websites with few products or a service website where there are no variations to listings. So the customer clicks the order icon and is taken straight to a payment form. For retail style websites, with medium to large range catalogue, the Add to Cart business website icon works better because customers may want to buy several items. The call to action here therefore visually encourages them to add an item to cart when they see something they like and then continue shopping.

Sign Up

One of the business models that has grown in popularity in the last few years is the membership site business model. The beauty of this model is that it creates a platform for generating recurring income from registered members. Normally there is a page listing the membership benefits with a call to action to sign up for the chosen membership plan. Using a graphic icon here is likely to draw the visitor’s attention to what needs to be done much better than a text link and is highly advised.

I had written an article in the past about common business website mistakes. I believe that not using a business website icon to highlight key calls to action on a business website is a major mistake that could prove very costly in terms of lost revenue earning opportunities.