Today, a business website is not only a tool, but also a marketing-driven advertising platform for the business. While many customers go online looking for bargains, some reports indicate that up to 75% of new customers looking for new business opportunities really start an online search first.

“But I have a website”, you say. The point is whether you are making money from this website. In my free 5-day mini course, I offered 30 tips on how to turn browsers to buyers. In this article, I am going to highlight some of the common mistakes that can turn browsers away from your business website.

Here are some common errors that are not productive on a website and could turn browser away:

A slow loading site is one of the most annoying things a browser hates to see. The most common cause of this problem is that business owners always have a lot to say about their business and believe enhancing this information with loads of heavy graphics helps to get the browser’s attention. Wrong. If a page takes too long to load, it is like that the visitor will leave the site even without seeing the content of the page. Web browsers are generally not known to be very patient. The way around this is to use little or no graphics on your web pages and spread your information on several pages rather than overloading everything on one very long page.

Outdated information is another mistake. If your site has been created several years ago and the content is not updated, then chances are you will not be the best choice of web browsers in your niche. Your business grows over time, so your site has to change with it. A good example will be a mobile phone retailer. If you have not updated your website for about a year, it is very likely that the models you are promoting on your business website will not be in vogue any more.

The lack of professionalism of the site can drive browsers away as well. A good example can be drawn from a recent experience I had with one of my clients. I developed a real estate website for their company and, despite my best SEO efforts; no sales were being generated from the site. I monitored the traffic over a few months and found that they were getting an average of 70 unique visitors a day but no single enquiry from this traffic. I knew the answer to their problem already but wanted to be sure they were at least getting traffic. The problem was with their property listings. They read like mobile phone messages. Property descriptions were written in mobile phone text lingo. I’m not sure how they expected someone to cough out £150,000 for a property that has been list as “lge hse nr mkt, gch, fh”. I rest my case.

None relevant content is another common mistake. If none of the content of a website has much to say about your business, then visitors to your business website with simple go somewhere else. If your site contains only a few sentences and a “contact me for more information” link, you will lose customers. Because most website visitors are at the beginning of their research, they would prefer to find their information without having to go through the effort of contacting the company to ask them.

No contact information – what are you thinking? To tell you that you should have your contact information is an understatement. You’ll be surprised how many companies leave this vital information out by mistake. Remember to leave an email address or phone number with your address. This gives the browser more confidence that you are real.

JavaScript on your site is another common mistake. JavaScript is a popular language on the website for things like pop-ups, toolbars, scrolling text, etc. Pop-up messages when they are properly used, an add dynamic content to your. But if misused, your site can look unprofessional, run slowly, and have a lot of page errors.

There are a lot more mistakes that a lot of people make when building a business website. I have only mentioned the most common ones. If your site is a victim of any or all of the mistakes mentioned above, then you may benefit from a review of the site. The good news is that the redesign is usually much less painful and less costly than the original project, and could be completed in a very short time.